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Our wastebins are suited for use in public outdoor environments such as parks, bike/walking trails, entrances etc.

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High capacity wastebins for public environments

Wastebins in public environments are quickly filled. A lot of the waste is from different types of packaging, like pizza cartons and coffee mugs. This is why we recommend public wastebins to have a capacity of at least 25 litres.

Wastebins and ashtrays combined

A majority of all the litter on our streets consists of cigarette butts. Since decision makers in our towns and cities are starting to understand the importance of ashtrays, many of the wastebins used today have a built-in ashtray. A good example of a combined wastebin and ashtray is our Avenue 75L with Ashtray. Avenue fills the need of high capacity wastebin and allows smokers to properly discard cigarette butts. The bag inside the bin and the ashtray at the top of the wastebin are easily emptied.

The effects of investing in more wastebins

Stockholm is a good example of a successful campaign for a cleaner city. Littering has decreased in recent years, mostly thanks to investments in cleaning and new wastebins. Research has shown that if there is a lack of bins, or if the bins available are full, one of ten admits they might litter. In other words it is about making it possible for people to discard their waste properly. Other studies show that litter feeds litter. It does not feel as bad to litter in a place already littered. This can lead to a negative spiral resulting in various damage. If this goes on without consequence, respect is lost for the place and it might feel insecure and unsafe. A good investment for the future is therefore to put up good, large wastebins at carefully chosen locations.

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