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Lighting Columns

Our Swedish-made, conical, composite lighting columns are suited for public environments where safety and architecture is important; such as residential areas, parks, parking lots, walkways and bike paths.


Recycled Plastic Base | Lighting Columns

Recycled Plastic Base

Lighting Columns

Base Plate | Lighting Columns

Base Plate

Lighting Columns

Concrete Base | Lighting Columns

Concrete Base

Lighting Columns

Top Cap | Lighting Columns

Top Cap

Lighting Columns

Connection Kit | Lighting Columns

Connection Kit

Lighting Columns

A low-weight composite lighting column of high quality

All lighting columns are made at our factory in Värnamo, Sweden in accordance with our quality- and environmental management system. Compared to conventional posts, our lighting columns weigh 70% less, they do not rust and they are non-conductive. Installation time is minimal. And they last longer.

Lighting columns in custom colours and design

Our lighting columns are available in four different standard colours (black, silver grey, dark grey and traffic blue), but can be ordered in a custom colour or pattern to suit the surroundings. Because of the layer of UV-stabilised gelcoat, the colour fastness is excellent. In other words, our lighting columns increase security in areas where used as well as being aesthetically appealing.

Environment friendly lighting columns

The production of a Streetmast lighting column involves zero water emissions, as opposed to traditional aluminium or steel products. Making a lighting column of fiberglass reinforced polyester also requires substantially less electricity. The relatively small amount of electricity we do use comes from eco-labeled water or wind power. Our lighting columns also weigh much less than traditional alternatives, allowing for environmental benefits during the transport of both raw material and finished product. When you choose a product from us, you choose to be an advocate for the environment. Read more about our environmental work here.

Recyclable lighting columns

The recycling process of our lighting columns starts with grinding residual materials. Once completed, it is sent for energy recovery at a state-approved recycling factory equipped with an advanced flue-gas cleaning system. The residual waste can also be used as a filler.

How is a lighting column installed?

Installation is easily done in our prefabricated concrete in-ground base or through cast-in-place concrete, 500 mm below ground. If bolting the column to the ground, opt for our base plate which we mount inside the column at production. The door is locked using the included Torx screw (M6).

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