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/se/hur-man-monterar-en-flaggstangOur flagpoles are made in Sweden and designed to last for generations. Every detail of a Formenta flagpole is carefully chosen, and all fastening elements are made from hot-dip galvanized steel for optimal durability. The halyards are also specially made to withstand extreme weather conditions.

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A flagpole of high quality

To guarantee quality, we work closely with RISE, who performs solidity tests, and we have a well-developed quality and environmental management system. Additionally, we are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

Flagpole accessories

Our assortment of flagpole accessories is second to none. In addition to regular accessories and spare parts, we offer several smart solutions such as portable bases, wall brackets, flagpole wash, flagpole lighting, and devices for flag exposure like Windtracker and Roto-Top. Our flagpole accessories are also characterized by quality and precision to last for many years.

Swedish flags and pennants

All of our Swedish flags and pennants are made from marine polyester (160g/m2), a woven textile with a double, dual-thread plied yarn that is proven to be durable and strong. The durability of a flag depends on the textile and sewing technique. A new flag should be raised in calm weather to stabilize the seams. A pennant should be replaced at least once a year, but a flag lasts longer since it is not used on a daily basis.

Choosing flagpole height

There are no rules on how long a flagpole should be. Our general recommendation is that one-third of the flagpole, or 3-4 m, should stand above the related building. Consider any level difference between the building and the placement of the flagpole when choosing the flagpole height.

How to install a flagpole

All of our flagpoles are easily installed with our hot-dip galvanized tilting hinge base. Refer to our installation manual for detailed instructions on how to install a flagpole.

Flagpole warranty a care

Our 15-year warranty covers all fiberglass flagpoles and the hot-dip galvanized flagpole base. A successful claim results in a new flagpole. To keep your flagpole clean and fresh, we recommend tilting the flagpole and cleaning it with hot water and soft soap. Boat wax can be used for extra luster. Read more about flagpole warranty and care.

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