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Bike Stands

Our bike stands are designed to provide safe bike parking in public outdoor environments. All bike stands are made from warm galvanized steel which makes them extremely robust.

Bike Stand Wave | Bike Stands

Bike Stand Wave

Bike Stands

Bike Stand Spin | Bike Stands

Bike Stand Spin

Bike Stands

Bike Bollard Arc | Bike Stands

Bike Bollard Arc

Bike Stands

Choosing the right type of bike stand

It is important to choose the right type of bike stand. In order to make the right choice, you need to have a rough idea on the number of parking spots required and also the amount of space available. Even though more and more towns and cities try to get people choosing the bike over the car, the demand for bicycle parking spots is higher than the supply. If the reason is lack of space, it might be a good idea to invest in bike stands suited to hold 1-2 bikes and install in various places over town. Cyclists want to be able to park anywhere.

Modular bike stands where space is limited

Bike Stand Spin and Bike Stand Wave are modular based and sold in parts of two, four or six spots with indefinite extension. These bike stands save space thanks to the low and high loop on each part. Perfect to use outside shopping malls, schools, factories, shops, apartment buildings but also for private use.

Modern, stylish bike stands in different colours

Bike Stand Watch, Guard, Arc, Twist and Loop are stylish, sleek bike stands holding up to two bikes, suitable for public environments where space is limited. The standard version is natural hot-dip galvanized, but can be ordered in any colour from the RAL-scale.

Bike bollards

Bike Stand Guard and Watch can, thanks to the robust construction and weight (12-13 kg), feature as a unique, decorative and useful bollard. Suitable outside shopping malls, stores, arenas, entrances, schools and other areas where it is important to prevent traffic from entering the area.

Installing a bike stand

The module based bike stands can be used as free-standing but also ground anchored using the supplied expander bolt. The modules, which weigh 7-7,5 kg each, can when needed be linked together with the supplied screws. All our other bike stands are set in concrete, 400 mm below ground. Detailed installation instructions are always included.


Our hot-dip galvanized bike stands do not require maintenance, but we do recommend washing now and then.

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