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Bollards are a crucial component in creating a safe and appealing urban environment. They serve as protection for pedestrians and valuable urban features while also contributing to the aesthetic character of the cityscape.


Diverse Designs for Every Environment

Formenta offers bollards in several styles, including City Round, City Square, and City Octagon, as well as Avenue in stainless steel and black. Each design is meticulously crafted to suit different environments and needs, ranging from classic to modern.

Robust Material and Minimal Maintenance

Each bollard is manufactured with durability in mind, from stainless steel to sturdy constructions, ensuring long lifespan and minimal maintenance. These qualities make them a cost-effective solution for all cities and municipalities.

Customizable Solutions

Formenta understands the importance of flexibility in urban planning. Therefore, they offer customizable options for bollards, including different colors and the ability to add logos or specific design elements to match the city’s identity and aesthetics.

The Impact of a Safe and Stylish Urban Environment

By introducing efficient and aesthetically pleasing bollards, cities and communities can enhance pedestrian and traffic safety while creating a more inviting atmosphere. These measures contribute to a positive experience of urban space and strengthen the character of the place. Formenta’s bollards are more than just functional barriers – they are part of the cityscape that enhances safety and beauty in our shared spaces.

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