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Swedish Flag

Art no: see technical data

Swedish flag produced in 160 g marine polyester – av very strong and widely used material for flags.

Technical Data
Art no151210
Length120 cm
Width75 cm
For flagpole3–5 m
Art no151510
Length150 cm
Width94 cm
For flagpole6 m
Art no152010
Length200 cm
Width125 cm
For flagpole8 m
Art no152410
Length240 cm
Width150 cm
For flagpole9–10 m
Art no153010
Length300 cm
Width188 cm
For flagpole12 m
Art no153510
Length350 cm
Width220 cm
For flagpole14 m
Art no154010
Length400 cm
Width250 cm
For flagpole16 m
Art no154510
Length450 cm
Width281 cm
For flagpole18 m
Art no150610
Length60 cm
Art no150910
Length90 cm
Width55 cm
Art no155010
Length500 cm
For flagpole19–20 m
Art no155510
Length550 cm
For flagpole21–22 m
Art no156010
Length550 cm
For flagpole22–24 m

The basis for producing a strong and durable flag lies in the choice of material and sewing. The craftsmanship and tradition represented by our seamstresses have created strong and beautiful flags for generations.

Our flags have a sturdy edge binding, with sewn-in ribbon clips at the bottom and top for quick attachment to the plastic clips on the flag line.

A new flag should be hoisted for the first time in calm weather, so that the seams stabilize. A wet and damp flag must be allowed to dry before being folded. A faded and worn-out Swedish flag should not be used for any purpose whatsoever and should be burned.

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